Our decades-worth of Personal Care and Assisted Living experience gives us a well-rounded perspective for addressing your community’s needs.  We’ll apply every available facet of our comprehensive pharmacy services to improve cost and performance efficiency and allow you to focus more on resident care. Some highlights of our PC/AL services:

Choice of Multiple Drug Packaging/Dispensing Options

  1. 30 Day Blister Cards with NDC Numbers, Manufacturer, Lot and Expiration Date Printed on Each Blister
  2. Opti-Paks with 15-Day Options and Color Coded Labels
  3. Multi-Dose Packets Labeled with Time and Dosage Information in Accordance with Federal and State Regulations
  4. Free Medication Carts Available

e-MAR and Paperless Pharmacy Solutions

  1. Choice of Standalone eMAR Programs and Integration with multiple Electronic Health Records (EHR) programs including Point Click Care and Optimus
  2. Web-based FrameworkLink Pharmacy Program to Manage Prescriptions and Patient Information, Retrieve Price Quotes and to Communicate Directly with Diamond Pharmacists

 Supplemental Assisted Living and Personal Care Resources

  1. Low-Cost OTC Medications
  2. Access to Over 120,000 Medical Supplies
  3. Full Service Respiratory Therapy Department

Educational Resources

  1. Continuous Onsite Staff Training
  2. Continuing Education Conferences
  3. Drug Information Center and Training Library with Print and Video Resources on Hundreds of Healthcare Topics

For more information on Personal Care/Assisted Living Pharmacy Services for your community, contact Charles Plazio or Nick McFerron: 
Chuck Plazio, Western PA and Ohio Facilities
800.882.6337 ext. 1019
Mobile: 724.762.9839
Nick McFerron, Eastern PA Facilities
800.882.6337 ext. 7335
Mobile: 724.464.8572