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Drug Information Center 

Diamond’s Drug Information Center (DI Center) is a comprehensive value-added service providing dedicated clinical pharmacists as resources to all of our customers.

The DI Center is comprised of clinical pharmacists that specialize in Pharmacotherapy and Disease State Management. Each member has extensive work experience in different areas of Clinical Pharmacy and                                                                                            may bring different perspectives to unique situations.

The DI Center is an available resource for higher level clinical questions, pre-screen consults, therapeutic dosing, and drug-drug interaction recommendations. Additional daily roles include evaluating non-formulary medication requests, identifying back-ordered medications, recommending possible therapeutic alternatives, and assisting external healthcare providers with clinical concerns. DI Clinical Pharmacists also assist in client formulary management, clinical pharmacotherapy recommendations, and Risk Evaluation and Management Strategy management (REMS).

In a continued effort to educate health care professionals, the DI Center also develops clinical presentations and regular clinical updates. DI Clinical Pharmacists will also work to improve patient outcomes through in-depth consultations with providers regarding patient regimen and also reviewing clinical reports regarding complex regimens and disease states.

The Team Currently Includes:

  • -Four (4) Medication Therapy Management Certified Pharmacists
  • -Two (2) AAHIVP HIV & HEP C Experts
  • -A Certified Diabetes Educator
  • -An Anticoagulation Specialist
  • -An Adverse Drug Reaction Coordinator
  • -A Certified Compounding Specialist
  • -A Nurse Practitioner
  • -Certified IV Department with Certified IV Nursing Staff

Do you have a clinical concern or question? The DI Center is available Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM.  1.800.882.6337 x1834