SERvice That Speaks for itself

Our correctional clients have so much to say about our customer service and cost savings.

Diamond Pharmacy provides a superior level of customer service and personal contact.

They perform as expected and as promised… Agencies seeking contracted pharmaceutical services should look no further than Diamond Pharmacy if they want a reliable, dependable and cost effective pharmacy provider.”

Major, Director


Diamond Pharmacy has been a reliable and dependable partner who has reduced the costs of inmate medications and has had a positive effect on our overall jail costs, which is very much appreciated as a result of today’s tight budget dollars. Although they save us money, their quality of service is second to none.



I have dealt with the pharmacy and supply reps many times. They are always helpful and call to clarify orders, making sure we receive the correct order. The back-up pharmacy is quick and on it!

Registered Nurse


Although there are a number of attributes that I firmly believe are unique to Diamond Pharmacy, the most important to me and to our department has been their organizational commitment to customer service and support. Working with Diamond has always been a pleasant and absolutely hassle-free experience. I would recommend them, without reservation, to any correctional system looking for a professional, competent, customer oriented pharmacy provider.

Medical Director


We recently started our Chemo Department here and the transition went very smoothly thanks to our Diamond clinical pharmacist.



My Diamond Pharmacy computer tech has been very helpful with any questions I have. If she cannot answer them, she gets me to the right person. She has made me laugh many times. I appreciate her great attitude.



We enjoy communicating and working with our Diamond pharmacy technician. He clarifies and answers all of our concerns and questions. He knows everything.

Medical Office Clerk

North Dakota

It is without question that the substantial reduction in (our) pharmaceutical expenses is largely attributed to Diamond’s inter-action with our physician staff and formulary management. In addition, the enormous buying power that Diamond Pharmacy possesses as a result of being the nation’s largest pharmaceutical provider… is another contributing major factor in our cost savings.



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