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The Nation's Largest PROVIDER

Serving jails and prisons of all sizes.

With medication and healthcare costs on the rise, it is more important than ever to partner with a pharmacy that can provide proper clinical and operational care.

We dispensed our first correctional facility prescription in 1983, and over the last 40 years expanded our services and expertise to a level unmatched within the industry. We continue to service facilities of all sizes and specialties.

Our decades of experience serving small local jails and large state Departments of Corrections allows us to develop a care-focused, cost-effective pharmacy program that meets your facility's needs head on.

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The Products You Need at the Prices You Need

We provide prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, intravenous medications, compounds, vaccines, emergency medication kits, starter packs, medical supplies, commissary and more at some of the most competitive prices in the industry.

Effortless Ordering, Timely Delivery

Customers may order by phone, fax, or through one of our online platforms. Orders can be shipped via next-day delivery or locally via company vehicle. We arrange for emergency local delivery through a backup pharmacy.

A Host of Value-Added Services

We became the nation's largest correctional pharmacy provider by listening to our customers and understanding their operational needs. We are THE industry trendsetter with our operational and technological innovations. It’s why we’ve developed a suite of online pharmacy management tools, offer medication carts, and developed our own eMAR software, among many other products and services.

Robust Reporting and Documentation

Diamond offers printed Medication Administration Records (MARs) along with Sapphire eMAR, a paperless solution, at no charge. Diamond also offers over 300 different types of computer-generated monthly management reports. Choose from these reports, plus a suite of online tools including Online Reporting and Reconciliation. Manage your facility and staff while improving accountability, highlighting cost savings, and emphasizing quality care for inmates.

Cost Control and Formulary Management

Our account pharmacists and clinical pharmacists work with your physicians and providers to develop, implement, and maintain an effective drug formulary to help reduce and avoid unnecessary medication costs. Our clinical pharmacists will also serve as active members of your Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, if requested. Diamond also automatically dispenses generic medications to minimize cost.

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