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Introducing OPTICS

Clearly Focused on Patient Care

We are the Office of Pharmacy Therapeutics and Integrated Clinical Services (OPTICS), a frontline team of Board-Certified Doctors of Pharmacy providing clinical, consulting and formulary management expertise to Diamond Pharmacy partners.

Our goal is to be fully integrated with your healthcare staff to maximize patient outcomes and improve cost savings beyond just medication.

We specialize in evidence-based pharmacotherapeutic management of a wide array of disease states, both acute and chronic. We provide pre-screen consultations, pharmacokinetic dosing and drug-drug interaction recommendations, along with alternate therapy identification. We also help prescribers contain costs through collaborative formulary management.

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What We Offer

We support our medication and disease state management with several clinical tools and strategies for your team’s success and the health of your patients. They include:

Ongoing Educational Content

Targeted quarterly clinical information summaries focused on cost-effective treatments, new guidelines, and safety updates. Regularly recorded webinars covering various disease states, available on demand. OPTICS pharmacists also regularly appear on Diamond's PodcastRx show for clinical topic discussions.

Reference Materials

Regularly updated reference sheets for your medical staff on poison prevention, weights and measurements, beyond use medication dating, commonly used abbreviations, insulin guidance, medication stability and alternative administration techniques, do not crush lists, HIV medication charts, and tuberculin skin test posters.

Specialized Assistance and Guidance

Assistance with the completion of the FDA mandated REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy) requirements to ensure the benefits of more serious drugs outweighs their risks.

Medication Surveillanz Monitoring Program (MSMP)

This custom-built application with multiple integrated clinical rule sets allows our executive pharmacist consultants and OPTICS team to monitor medication alerts daily. This provides the safest individualized cost-effective treatment recommendations for patients, with the ultimate goal of mitigating adverse drug effects. Through MSMP, clients have enjoyed $550 in average savings per prescription.

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Timely Topic Spotlights

Distribute relevant seasonal information on allergies, cough and cold, and sunburn and photosensitivity. We also use calendar health observances like Diabetes Awareness Month and Heart Health Awareness Month as opportunities to provide the latest clinical guidelines and information on these featured topics.

To fully integrate the clinical pharmacy expertise of OPTICS into your facility’s healthcare team, please contact us:

Meet Our Team

Matthew Risko Headshot

Matthew Risko, BS Pharm, AAHIVE

Director of Clinical Pharmacy Development

Zane Gray Headshot

Zane Gray, Pharm D, BCACP

Clinical Pharmacist Supervisor

Stephen Ford Headshot

Stephen Ford, BS Pharm, Pharm D, BCGP

Clinical Pharmacist

Henry So Headshot

Henry So, Pharm D, BCPS, BCACP

Clinical Pharmacist

Christopher Bender Headshot

Christopher Bender, Pharm D, BCACP

Clinical Pharmacist

Nancy Chia Headshot

Nancy Chia, Pharm D, MBA, BCPS

Clinical Pharmacist