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Why Choose Diamond?

We offer a customized, comprehensive pharmacy program to correctional facilities. Nearly four decades of working with correctional health providers gives us unique insights into the various challenges faced in the corrections environment. Whether it’s a small jail or a statewide network of prisons, we can help reduce costs, streamline processes, and be a trusted knowledge leader.

Consider these standout, value-added services:

  • Ordering Made Simple
    Order via phone, fax, or online. Upon startup, customers are assigned a primary order technician for consistency of service. Reordering is also made simple thanks to two-part peel off reorder labels on blister cards and fax order sheets.
  • Formulary Management
    Our team of consultant pharmacists collaborate with your physicians and staff to develop the most care and cost-effective drug formularies.
  • 24/7 Pharmacist Consultation
    Healthcare never stops, and neither do our pharmacists.
  • Prompt Delivery and Emergency Backup Service
    New orders placed by your facility’s cut time ship direct to your facility, next-day by 10:30AM in many areas. We contract with local backup pharmacies for any emergency medication needs. All orders are tracked for security and accountability.
  • Credit on Returns (Where Permitted by Law)
    Why pay for what you don’t use? Return these medications for pharmacy credit.
  • Paperless eMAR and EHR Software
    Go paperless with Sapphire Health, a subsidiary of Diamond, and their eMAR and EHR software. Visit
    to learn more.
  • No Hidden Fees
    We don’t charge any additional dispensing fees per order, nor do we charge any “hidden” costs beyond the cost of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.
  • Low Prescription Prices
    Our “Nation’s Largest” designation means we have buying power. And we pass those volume discounts to you. We’ve saved facilities from 10-45% off their final pharmacy bill.
  • Free Fax Machines
    We make reordering medication much easier and efficient for your facility.
  • Drug Information Center
    The pharmacists in our Drug Information Center keep up with the latest clinical trends and developments. They issue regular clinical updates and produce educational material, such as webinars, for relevant topics.
  • Suite of Online Pharmacy Management Tools
    Prescription reconciliation, reporting, and file management are just a few clicks away. And they’re all free to customers.